Friday, April 8, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. School and friends have been busy.

Anyway, I got a box of over 70 blocks of clay today! My CTE teacher found out that I had talent in the polymer clay area, and he had a huge box from a garage sale! The blocks are old and hard but I can fix that! Mostly... They're all unopened!
The reason I said mostly is there are some blocks that just crumble. Like sand. It just collapses, and no matter how much you condition it falls apart.
But there are some blocks that are great! I got different brands. Such as:
Sculpey lll
Fimo Classic
Fimo Soft
Poly Clay
and some others that MIGHT be Sculpey one.

He also gave me a great pasta machine! It still works great!
He gave me some books and magazines with ideas too!
He gave me a little bottle of Glaze, and a baking pan to bake creations on!
He never used any of this, so it's all never been used! It's really old though, and I need to find out what to do with the crumbly, beyond help clay.

He wants me to make him some pens with it. He will turn it in to a pen, but he wants the right structure to make it.

The box over all was worth over 200 dollars! I'm exited!

Also, I lost Allison's Wallets contest, but she subscribed to me giving me the 20 subscribers I wanted!

Thanks so much for reading, I'll try to post more often!

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