Friday, March 25, 2011

A Career Is Born

A few months ago, on September 26th, 2010 when a YouTube user, SoCraftastic posted a video called "101 Polymer Clay Cupcakes! [[Sculpey Charms Collection // Creations.]]"
This started my inspiration with Polymer clay and got me into creating jewelry and charms! I went to Michaels and got three starter blocks. Lavender, dark purple, and brown. I started to make cupcakes non-stop! My first cupcake was a total fail, of course, but the second turned out a bit better , and I have been progressing ever since. It's been interesting to see how my work and style has changed over time. I got more colors like white, blue, green, yellow, tan, black, red and lots of others. I realized that the world of clay isn't just cupcakes, and that I needed to expand my reach. I next tried roses, bows, pies, and cakes.
The holiday season was coming up next, and I made wreaths, presents, and Christmas trees.
Through this adventure, I have been kept posted to SoCraftastic. She strayed onto wire, metal and beads, so I decided to follow her. I started into wire crafting and beads as well, and got great results! Then I realized that I could combine my passions. A billion more possibilities opened up. She then journeyed to the foreign land of duct tape.
I had never been there. I had no clue what I was up against. I decided to climb this mountain as well, completely ignorant to this new world. My first roll was purple, and then I realized that packing tape was very important too. I next got blue and white and other colors as well, and am now into making wallets with different designs though I'm still trying to master the tri-fold.
This didn't distract from my jewelry at all, and my creativity expanded to tarts, and trying to under stand Liquid Sculpey (Clear liquid clay) I've also started with fruit, like strawberries.
I think I've come far for starting six months ago, and I plan to grow more.
If you think you can do it. Do it.

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